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W-SLDA Toolkit Group

Warsaw University of Technology - PL Poland

Range of applicability of W-SLDA Toolkit

W-SLDA Toolkit

Self-consistent solver of mathematical problems which have structure formally equivalent to Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations. The toolkit allows for simulating fermionic superfluids like ultracold atomic gases. Both static and time-depend phenomena can be investigated by means of W-SLDA. The software is optimized towards simulations of large systems, consisting of thousands of particles.

W-SLDA Toolkit is designed to solve problems related to fermionic superfluidity. Particularly it is well suited to study static and dynamic properties of ultracold Fermi gases across BCS - BEC crossover. W-SLDA Toolkit implements functionals for reliable studies of systems being in weakly interacting BCS regime (BdG functional) and in the strongly interacting regime, called unitary Fermi gas (SLDA functional).

W-SLDA Toolkit allows for studies of the system properties as a function of:

  • interaction strength askF,
  • system dimensionality (1D, 2D, 3D),
  • population imbalance,
  • mass imbalance,
  • temperature.

For full list of functionalities see here.

Permanent Researchers and Staff
Project leader: Gabriel Wlazłowski; Theory expertise: Aurel Bulgac, Piotr Magierski, Michael McNeil Forbes; HPC expertise: Kenneth J. Roche, Maciej Marchwiany;