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Sanchez-Palencia Group

Ecole Polytechnique and CNRS - FR France
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The group conducts theoretical research on correlated quantum systems. In regimes of parameters where matter and fields are governed by the laws of quantum physics, the interplay of quantum interference and particle interactions gives rise to fascinating phenomena, such as Bose-Einstein condensation, Fermi degeneracy, superfluidity, superconductivity, entanglement, and quantum phase transitions for instance. In the group, our main efforts focus on the physics of systems that constitute promising platforms for concrete realization of quantum technologies. Together with other systems in condensed matter and quantum optics, ultracold atoms have already produced milestone results, which turn quantum technologies from dream to reality.

In the recent years quantum simulation has established itself at the interface of experiments and theory. Hence most of the recent dramatic advances on quantum simulations own much to parallel experimental and theoretical developments. In the group, we work along three main lines:

     Propose new protocols for quantum simulation;
     Elaborate relevant models to interpret and understand simulation results;
     Develop new theoretical approaches for correlated quantum systems.

In this view, we develop both analytical approaches (field theories, mean field approximation, bosonization, ...) and numerical techniques (nonlinear Schrödinger equation, path integral quantum Monte Carlo, variational Monte Carlo, exact diagonalization, static and dynamics DMRG, ...). The main part of our work is purely theoretical but we also have long-term collaborations with experimental groups