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Magierski Group

Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology - PL Poland

Theoretical description of nonequilibrium processes in superfluid Fermi systems: atomic nuclei and quantum gases. Concerning quantum gases we are interested in physics of BEC-BCS crossover, dynamics of superfluid vortices, quantum turbulence, hydrodynamics and viscosity. In the case of nuclear systems we are interested in large amplitude nuclear dynamics and in particular microscopic description of fission/fusion, induced fission and low energy nuclear reactions. We use mainly the following theoretical tools: Path Integral Monte Carlo approach, Density Functional Theory (static and time-dependent). Computational tools: In order to address certain questions concerning strongly interacting quantum systems one needs (super)computers. We use both CPU machines which allow for a massively parallel computing, as well as those with hybrid architecture (CPUs + GPUs).

Permanent Researchers and Staff
Piotr Magierski, Gabriel Wlazłowski, Janusz Oleniacz; Postdocs: Matthew Barton, Daniel Pęcak, Marek Tylutki; PhD students: Andrea Baressi, Konrad Kobuszewski, Bugra Tuzemen