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Vive la difference

Salomon graph

[Historical report created from GSU BEC Homepage:]

"Stunning news from France: a stable BEC of 7Li, in the company of degenerate 6Li Fermi gas.

On 16 May, 2001 our group at ENS in Paris succeeded in the production of a stable condensate of 7Li in its lower hyperfine state |F, MF> = |1, -1> (which has a positive scattering length). The condensate is produced by thermal contact with a Fermionic 6Li gas in the |F, MF> = |1/2, -1/2> state. Both degenerate gases have currently a few 104 atoms, and the temperature of the Fermi gas is 0.4 TF. Figure above: Thermalised Bose and Fermi gases. The temperature is 1.1 µK = 0.7 Tc. The total number of bosons is 2.2 x 104; the number of fermions 2.6 x 104, with T/TF = 0.4. The pictures are taken simultaneously after one experimental run.

Our group consists of:

  • Florian Schreck
  • Lev Khaykovich
  • Christophe Salomon

Former group members include:

  • Kristan Corwin (NIST, Boulder, Colorado)
  • Julien Cubizolles
  • Thomas Bourdel
  • Gabriele Ferrari (LENS, Firenze)
  • Marc-Oliver Mewes

For further information, see our webpage."