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Rb Whopper at MIT

[Historical report created from GSU BEC Homepage:]

"We have recently set up an apparatus for 87Rb with which BEC was first observed on December 10, 2001. Our apparatus features a Zeeman slower that delivers up to 1011 slow Rb atoms per second into the main vacuum chamber, where the atoms are collected in a bright MOT and then transferred into a cloverleaf Ioffe-Pritchard magnetic trap after compressed-MOT and gray-molasses phases. Laser cooling and trapping is done with a stable all-diode laser setup, including a high-power tapered amplifier and several injection-locked high-power laser diodes. With this apparatus 1010 Rb atoms can be collected in the MOT within 2 seconds and condensates containing up to 4 x 106 atoms (!) in the |F = 1, MF = -1> state can be created every 25 seconds. Condensates in the F = 2 state with comparable atom number have also been produced.


  • Micah Boyd (graduate student)
  • Gretchen Campbell (graduate student)
  • Pavel Gorelik (undergraduate student)
  • Dominik Schneble (postdoc)
  • Erik Streed (graduate student)
  • Yoshio Torii (postdoc)
  • Dave Pritchard (PI)
  • Wolfgang Ketterle (PI)."