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Quasipure Bose-Einstein condensate immersed in a Fermi sea

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"We report the observation of co-existing Bose-Einstein condensate and Fermi gas in a magnetic trap. With a very small fraction of thermal atoms, the 7Li condensate is quasi-pure and in thermal contact with a 6Li Fermi gas. The lowest common temperature is 0.28 µK = 0.2(1) TC = 0.2(1) TF where TC is the BEC critical temperature and TF the Fermi temperature. Behaving as an ideal gas in the radial trap dimension, the condensate is one-dimensional."

Published in Physical Review Letters

Updated: 27 Jul 2005

[Received 13 July 2001; published 7 August 2001] Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 080403 (2001)