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German Micro BEC at Tübingen

Zimmerman graph

[Historical report created from GSU BEC Homepage:]

"We have produced a Rb-BEC in a magnetic micro-trap on 8 June 2001!

Our Bose-Einstein condensate is produced in a microstructure with electroplated copper conductors. A cloud of 3·108 atoms is magnetically trapped in a spherical quadrupol field. By gradually changing the magnetic trapping field, the cloud is adiabatically transferred into the microstructure. Condensation is achieved by forced evaporation in the micro-trap. At the figure above are some absorption images of the last cooling stage.
Figure: A precooled cloud of 1·107 atoms at a temperature of 5 µK is transferred into the microstructure (top of the pictures). After 7s of evaporation, the phase transition occurs. The last four pictures are taken after 5, 10, 15, 20 ms time of flight.


  • Tc = 1µK
  • N = 8·105
  • waxial = 2p·14 Hz
  • wradial = 2p·1100 Hz


  • J. Fortagh
  • H. Ott
  • G. Schlotterbeck
  • A. Grossmann
  • C. Zimmermann

Details: A description of our setup and more data can be found here.

Physikalisches Institut
Universität Tübingen, Germany"