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Formula One comes to Oxford

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[Historical report created from GSU BEC Homepage:]

"On March 12 2002, a 87Rb condensate in the |F = 1, MF = -1> hyperfine state was first seen in Oxford. The setup consists of a double MOT system (with a pyramid for the first MOT), TOP trap and RF cutting to create a condensate with over 105 atoms in |F = 1, MF = -1> .

Figure above: Time of flight images taken after 14ms, released from a trap with radial frequency 66Hz.

The group members are:

  • Giuseppe Smirne
  • Donatella Cassettari
  • Rachel Godun
  • Christopher Foot

and past member: Matthias Buechner

We also acknowledge help and support from:

  • Onofrio Marago
  • Gil Summy
  • Keith Burnett "