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Fermi-Bose quantum degenerate K-40-Rb-87 mixture with attractive interaction

[Historical report created from submission:]

"We report on the achievement of simultaneous quantum degeneracy in a mixed gas of fermionic 40K and bosonic 87Rb. Potassium is cooled to 0.3 times the Fermi temperature by means of an efficient thermalization with evaporatively cooled rubidium. Direct measurement of the collisional cross-section confirms a large interspecies attraction. This interaction is shown to affect the expansion of the Bose-Einstein condensate released form the magnetic trap, where it is immersed in the Fermi sea."

Published in Physical Review Letters

Updated: 27 Jul 2005

[Received 1 May 2002; published 23 September 2002] Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 150403 (2002)