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BEC on a chip in Boulder

Anderson graph

[Historical report created from GSU BEC Homepage:]

"On September 24th we succeeded in making 87Rb (|F = 1, MF = -1>) BEC on a chip at JILA. We load 1.7 x 105 atoms into a magnetic T-trap and after ~ 150ms sweep of forced evaporation cooling we get ~ 104 atoms in the condensate. The T-trap consists of a main wire and a branched wire. The main wire (1A) and the transverse bias field (20G) create the radial confinement. The branched wire (0.2A) produces a dimple in the longitudinal bias field (3.5G) which results in a tight axial confinement.

Schematic of the JILA experiment is shown on the figure above.

Members of the group:

  • Peter Schwindt (Graduate Student)
  • Ying-ju Wang (Graduate Student)
  • Quetin Diot (Graduate Student)
  • Tetsuo Kishimoto (PosDoc)
  • Dana Anderson (PI)
  • Eric Cornell (PI)

We also acknowledge help from Volker Schweikhard and Ben Luey (Graduate Students).

Details will be soon available from our web site."