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All-optical path to BEC passes through the Peach State

[Historical report created from GSU BEC Homepage:]

"At the CLEO/QELS conference in Baltimore, a research group from the Georgia Institute of Technology reported an all-optical approach to BEC.

They write:

A BEC has been created using all-optical methods on April 18, 2001.

We employ 87Rb confined in a crossed beam dipole trap formed using two orthogonal CO2 laser beams. We load from a simple vapor cell MOT and achieve initial phase space densities of > 0.001. We evaporatively cool the sample to BEC by ramping down the laser power in 2.5 seconds. The resulting condensates are spinor mixtures containing 35,000 atoms distributed between the MF = -1, 0, 1 states.

The unique features of our technique should be extendable to more complex spinor condensates (e.g. 85Rb), multi-atom (and molecule) mixtures, and species that cannot be confined magnetically.

Team members:

  • Murray Barrett
  • Jacob Sauer
  • Prof. Michael Chapman

For further information, contact "