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Postdoctoral Position – Ultracold Rydberg Atom Physics and Quantum Light Generation

position expired
Research group of James Shaffer, University of Oklahoma, USA
The project objective is to lay the groundwork for a single photon or Fock state producing photon source using Rydberg atom dipole blockade and the idea of atomic entanglement, so called ‘super atoms.’ The work will take place with laser cooled and thermal samples of atoms. The research will involve atom chips, ultrahigh vacuum, frequency stabilized laser systems, nonlinear optics, single photon counting, and theoretical modeling of a complicated quantum optical system. The researcher will participate in constructing modifications to an existing apparatus and will carry out experimental measurements at the cutting edge of atomic, molecular and optical physics. The theoretical modeling of the system will include the use of the OU supercomputer center. The postdoctoral position is extendable to 3 years and will allow the researcher to gain valuable experience at a research university. The project lies at the forefront of atomic physics and quantum optics. Please contact Professor James P. Shaffer, Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019 preferably via email ( Send CV and brief statement about future goals.