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Postdoctoral position: spinor quantum gas on an atom chip

position expired
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Reducing the dimensionality of a quantum many-body system has dramatic consequences and leads to remarkable new physics. At the University of Amsterdam, the CELSIUS experiment is focused on the novel properties of one-dimensional quantum gases in magnetic waveguides. At the heart of the setup is an 'atom chip', used for magnetic trapping and manipulation of extremely elongated atomic clouds. Recently we have performed the first experimental test of the exact thermodynamics of the 1D Bose gas, see Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 090402 (2008). We are now seeking a suitable person for a Post-Doctoral research position to build upon this achievement. Current experiments are aimed at two-component quantum degenerate Bose gases; effectively a gas of spin-1/2 bosons in one dimension. Through magnetic and optical fields we will create coherent superpositions of both spin and motional degrees of freedom, probe spin dynamics and thermalization, perform interferometric studies, tune interaction parameters and more. The major goal of this project is to explore and study the intriguing interplay between internal (spin) and external (translational motion) degrees of freedom in low-dimensional quantum many-body systems. The work will impact the diverse fields of quantum physics, many-body physics, quantum information, and condensed matter.

Job description

You will join the team of physicists working on the CELSIUS experiment. You will be involved in all aspects (planning and implementation of experiments as well as analysis and interpretation of results) of new research on two-component quantum gases on an atom chip. There are frequent opportunities to publish research papers and present the work of the group at international conferences.

Conditions of Employment

You will be employed by FOM for a fixed period of 2 years. Your salary will be up to a maximum of 3,546 euro gross per month, depending on your level of experience.


We are looking for an excellent experimentalist with a good team spirit and a PhD in physics or a closely related discipline. Experience in the field of quantum gases/atomic physics, and some understanding of theory is highly desirable.


Applicants should send an e-mail to N.J.vanDruten - at -, including:

  • their curriculum vitae (pdf preferred)
  • a short (~ half a page) statement of their research interests and motivation for this specific position
  • names and email contacts of two or three references