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Postdoctoral position on "High sensitivity atom gradiometer for space applications"

position expired
SYRTE, Paris Observatory, France
SYRTE is one of the word leading institutions in the development of high sensitivity inertial sensors based on atom interferometry, such as gravimeters and gyroscopes, using cold atoms either trapped or in free fall. The candidate will work on the study and development of a laboratory based atom gradiometer that measures the gradient of the Earth gravity acceleration. This instrument will use cutting-edge techniques (ultracold atoms on atom chips, large momentum beam splitting techniques, hybridization with other sensors …) to reach an unprecedented level of sensitivity, better than 1 Eötvös (=10-9 s-2) at 1s measurement time on the ground. This level of performance opens new perspectives for applications in the fields of geosciences (monitoring and exploration of natural resources, geophysics …) and space science (tests of fundamental physics, Earth gravity field mapping …). Along these lines, part of the research activity will be dedicated to the modelling of such an instrument for space applications in the context of a new ESA funded study. Start date: February 2015 or later, Field: laser cooling, ultracold atoms, atom chips, atom interferometry, Profile: the applicant should have a PhD in experimental physics, with skills in laser physics, atomic physics and electronics. Experience in the field of cold atoms is highly recommended. Contact: Send CV, publication list, motivation letter and references to the project leader, Franck Pereira dos Santos,