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Postdoctoral position in atomic vapor cell magnetometry

position expired
NIST Boulder, CO
The project aims to develop highly sensitive microfabricated atom-based magnetic field sensors for magnetocenceplalography (MEG) in the Atomic Devices and Instrumentation group at NIST Boulder under the supervision of Dr. Knappe. These small sensors will be implemented into a novel multi-channel non-invasive brain imaging system. The research associate will be responsible for designing, testing, and optimizing microfabricated optically-pumped magnetometers and gradiometers based on precision spectroscopy of rubidium atoms in a vapor cell. He/she will be responsible for advancing the performance of these sensors as well as assembling and testing sensor probes and for overseeing undergraduate assistant helping with this task. The person will have to operate and assemble the control system for a multichannel imaging system. He/she will also be involved in the fabrication aspect of all sensor components. The successful candidate needs to have a PhD in physics and be an expert in atomic physics and laser spectroscopy. He/she has to have experience in building, designing, and operating diode laser systems and in assembling and aligning free-space and fiber optics. Basic knowledge in CAD design and UHV systems is required. Previous experience with LabVIEW, automated control, and data acquisition is necessary. Must be US citizen or green card holder. The application should include a CV, publication list, and a brief statement of your research experience, and be sent to Sean Krzyzewski (sean.krzyzewski at