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Postdoc positions on ultracold atoms and optical lattices (experiment) 2x

position expired
Cambridge United Kingdom GB

We have two postdoctoral positions on experiments with ultracold atoms and optical lattices.

In addition to our main experiments on Quantum Simulations in Optical Quasicrystals and a Kagome Quantum Gas Microscope, we are also starting a new activity on Atom Interferometry for detecting dark matter and gravitational waves.

Current Postdoc opportunities include fundamental many-body physics at the Kagome Quantum Gas Microscope, atom interferometry, or being part of the UK Quantum Technology Hub and developing schemes for local control and addressing of lattice-based quantum simulators.

We are looking for an experimental quantum-optics/cold-atoms expert with (or being close to completing) a PhD in physics or a related area. Specific experience with ultracold atoms, optical lattices, atom interferometry or other synthetic many-body systems is helpful,

The start date is flexible, the positions are available immediately and the envisioned start date is spring to summer.

Application closes on January 3rd 2021.