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Postdoc position in Nice (France): cooling and quantum transport of cold Strontium

position expired
INLN, Nice, France
A postdoc position is available in the mesoscopic physic with cold atoms group at INLN (Nice, France). The contract may start in the last quarter of 2007 or at the beginning of 2008, initially for 1 year. The position is for working on a cold strontium experiment. It will consist in studying the quantum transport in a quasi periodic potential. Because of the long living external coherence, Strontium atoms are good candidates for this type of experiments. Quasi periodic potentials are unique structures where both periodic like and random like behavior such as Bloch oscillation or localization phenomena are expected. The applicant will conduct a series of experiments in this domain. He or she may be also involved in other research interests of the team such as new cooling schemes based on velocity selection in the metastable 3P2 states.

Contact: David wilkowski


Phone: (33) 492 96 73 06