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PhD Studentship in theoretical/computational physics:Quantum states of bosons in optical lattices

position expired
Stockholm, Sweden
The aim of the project is to understand the properties of ultracold bosonic atoms in optical lattices. Ultracold atoms in optical lattices has been rapidly expanding field both experimentally as well as theoretically. In these systems it is possible to explore transitions between various strongly and weakly correlated quantum systems in detail. In this project the student is expected to address theoretically the many body physics of correlated bosons in rotating lattices, in superlattices, and on multiple bands. In addition to having a chance to carry out fundamental research in an active and timely field this project provides a wonderful learning opportunity for a talented student to learn from many different areas of physics. Interested applicants should send a CV (with study records and a short statement explaining why they are interested in the position), electronic copy of their masters thesis (or equivalent), as well as provide the contact details of potential referees using the online application system. As a successful applicant, you will have a University degree in physics or a related discipline with an outstanding record in theoretical physics. You will also be determined to acquire and improve on analytical, computational, and communication skills.