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PhD positions in Quantum Science with Ultracold Molecules

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Department of Physics, Durham University United Kingdom GB

The Quantum Light and Matter (QLM) research group at Durham University is seeking to fill three fully-funded PhD studentships to work with Prof. Simon Cornish and his team on the investigation of ultracold gases of polar molecules. The research will contribute to a major new five-year research programme focused on the development of Quantum Science with Ultracold Molecules. This research builds upon our recent success in creating ultracold molecules in the rovibrational ground state from an ultracold atomic mixture of Rb and Cs atoms. The PhD projects will contribute to the development of two new experiments to investigate ultracold molecules in optical lattices and arrays of optical tweezers, with a view to exploring the applications in the fields of quantum simulation and computation. In addition, a third project will explore the creation of molecules with both magnetic and electric dipole moments using an ultracold mixture of Cs and Yb atoms.

Prospective candidates should have a strong degree in physics, excellent communication skills and be highly motivated to pursue a career in cutting-edge research as part of a vibrant team.


  • A tax free stipend, currently £14,777 per year (only payable to UK/EU students).
  • Tuition fees are paid for UK/EU students.
  • A training grant for conference and summer school travel.
  • Graduate training in advanced atomic and molecular physics within a cohort of students.
  • The opportunity to perform state-of-the-art research in highly equipped laboratories in one of the leading centres for atomic and molecular physics in the UK.

Start date:

January to October 2019

Further information:

See our website or contact Prof. Simon Cornish at