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PhD position - Hybrid Atom-Photon-Superconductor Quantum Interface

position expired
University of Strathclyde
This project seeks to develop next-generation hardware for quantum networking by using atomic ensembles coupled to superconducting microwave circuits to generate, store and entangle photons in a single chip-based device. This offers a direct route to the creation of scalable quantum networks, as well as providing an excellent test bed for exploring fundamental quantum optics. Hybrid systems offer an alternative route to fulfilling the requirements for quantum information processing by combining disparate technologies, in this case neutral atoms and superconductors. Using established techniques of laser cooling and magnetic trapping, atoms will be manipulated above the surface of a superconducting microwave resonator, using highly excited Rydberg states to achieve efficient single photon coupling and long-distance entanglement using an interaction mediated by the superconducting resonator. Using such a system, it should be possible to generate arbitrary entangled states between multiple optical modes as a first step towards a quantum router, a key building block for scalable quantum networking. We are looking for a highly motivated student with a strong background in quantum physics and a passion for experimental physics to join this exciting new project. For more details, please contact