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PhD Position - Experimental Ultracold Gases

position expired
Ulm, Germany
We have a PhD position available at the Institute of Quantum Matter at Ulm University to set up a new experiment with ultracold atoms. We want to realize two-dimensional systems of ultracold fermions in optical lattices, with which we will investigate many-body physics at ultralow temperatures and look for novel quantum phases. These are related to the physics of high-Tc superconductors and could give new insights into these systems. This is a highly interesting project at the forefront of a booming field of physics. In working in the lab, the PhD candidate will also gain experience with the modern technologies used in the experiment, especially lasers, vacuum technology, electronics, and experimental control. We expect a strong interest in experimental atomic physics, and basic knowledge of atomic and quantum physics. Since the candidate will take a leading part in designing and building a new experimental apparatus, creativity and hands-on experimental skills are an advantage. Knowledge of English and/or German is required. Applicants should have a Master's degree in physics or related subject (limited funds are available for students with a bachelor's degree wishing to get a M.S. at Ulm University). Please send a CV along with contact information for a reference with your application. Contact Prof. Johannes Hecker Denschlag ( or Dr. Benjamin Deissler (, Tel. +49 731 50-26121) for more information.