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PhD Fellowship: Few-body dynamics of ultra-cold atoms

position expired
Massey University Auckland, New Zealand
A PhD fellowship in theoretical physics is available at Massey University Auckland. As a successful applicant, you will work in the group of Joachim Brand in the field of quantum physics of ultra-cold atoms. The field of ultra-cold atoms has seen tremendous experimental progress in recent years from the creation and study of Bose-Einstein condensates and superfluid Fermi gases to engineering the quantum states of single atoms. Yet the theoretical understanding of the correlated quantum dynamics of a several atoms poses challenging problems. The fellowship is part of the project “Please do not stand in my way, Sir! Studying the few-body dynamics of ultra-cold atoms” funded by the Marsden Fund of New Zealand. The goal of the project is to study the dynamics of a small number of ultra-cold atoms as relevant to current and future experiments by means of numerical simulation. For the conduct of your research, you will make use of and contribute to the development of sophisticated numerical methods for solving the time-dependent multi-particle Schrödinger equation. You will be part of an international collaboration and may be given the opportunity to conduct part of your research at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). Locally you will be part of the Centre of Theoretical Chemistry and Physics at Massey University Auckland and will benefit from an active research environment with close links to the New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study and an active community of cold-atom and quantum-optics researchers in Australasia. As a successful applicant, you will have a University degree in physics or a related discipline with an outstanding record in theoretical physics and mathematical subjects of study. You will be determined to aquire and improve both analytical and computational skills and knowledge and apply these to progress fundamental research. The stipend is expected to be NZ$ 23,500 p.a. for three years in addition to covering tuition fees for domestic or international students. Application Deadline: Open until filled. Please send an application with coverletter, full CV, names of two references, a brief statment of your research interest, and a transcript of your academic records to Joachim Brand,