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Lectureship in cold atom physics

position expired
Manchester UK
A new lectureship position has been recently advertised in cold atom physics at Manchester in the UK. This is a new position in the school of Physics and Astronomy, as the atomic physics group is moving towards new directions which include collision physics and laser physics. The group at Manchester is known for high resolution electron spectroscopy, synchrotron radiation studies of atoms and molecules, and laser interactions with different targets.

We have for the last 4 years also been involved in the development of a new high brightness cold atom source and the development of a nano-fabrication experiment using laser manipulation of atoms. As such, we have commenced studies in cold atom physics, with interests in the study of collisions with cold atoms, and the development of new ideas in cold and ultra-cold physics of both atoms and molecules.

We are therefore advertising this position so that the group can expand it's research interests into this area. We are looking for a person who has expertise in cold target physics, and who is prepared to be involved with other members of the group, the department and the new Photon Science Institute (PSI) that is nearing completion at the University. The PSI is a purpose built £30M laboratory designed specifically to carry out research in this and other areas which involve the use of light in science. The PSI is to be initially equipped with £4M of central lasers ranging from ultra-high resolution CW lasers through to fs lasers, has 25 members and over 100 associates who will use these facilities and interact with each other. The PSI will be further equipped with £15M of existing equipment which will be installed upon completion of the laboratories in June of this year.

The new member of staff who will be employed in this position will be a full member of the PSI, and will have laboratory space in the new building to carry out their research (this area is already set aside in the ground floor laboratory area, which is extremely stable in its vibration, clean air and temperature characteristics, and is located next to the central laser facilities).

The school of Physics and Astronomy in Manchester is now the largest in the UK, with a student population of around 800-900 honours physics undergraduates and ~200 postgraduates. We have over 80 full time staff members in physics which include those from the Jodrell Bank observatory. The university of Manchester is also now the largest in the UK following the merger between the Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST a couple of years ago, with an annual budget which exceeds £500M. There is currently a large building programme in progress, for which the PSI is one of the flagship institutes to be built.