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Junior Fellow position at Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

position expired
Thywissen Group, at the University of Toronto, Canada

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research brings together top international researchers to tackle many of the most interesting and pressing questions of our time. Our Junior Fellow Academy offers gifted, early career researchers the unique opportunity to participate in CIFAR’s global research network and to closely collaborate, and be mentored by, some of Canada’s and the world’s best researchers.

Junior Fellows take part in one of CIFAR’s innovative research programs, where researchers meet regularly to establish new frameworks for thinking about the world with the potential to improve human health and the environment, transform technology, build strong societies, understand human culture and even chart the universe. To enhance leadership skills within an interdisciplinary network of peers, CIFAR also brings together Junior Fellows from all twelve programs for separate Academy meetings.

CIFAR’s Quantum Materials Program is seeking an exceptional experimentalist to fill a Junior Fellowship position beginning in September 2013 or later. Junior Fellowships are held in conjunction with a university postdoctoral appointment. The successful candidate will work as a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of one or more program members. The position is tenable at any of the Canadian institutions where program members working in experimental research are based – see the list provided at the link below.

The Quantum Materials Program focuses on the discovery and understanding of novel quantum materials. Principal areas of interest include superconductivity, frustrated magnetism and spin liquids, topological states of matter, cold atom gases and oxide interfaces. It brings together over 60 researchers from nine Canadian institutions and seven other countries.

This Junior Fellow position is unlike a typical postdoctoral fellowship, in that it includes regular discussion with other postdocs and junior faculty studying topics that range from successful societies to cosmology. It should be appealing to the junior researcher interested in the "big picture" of why their research matters, and with a passion for communicating it to others.

Eligibility: Individuals who have completed their PhD no more than three years before the Fellowship starting date are eligible to apply. The successful candidate will have an outstanding record of accomplishment in an experimental area of interest to the program, excellent communication skills, strong potential to collaborate with program members and ability to contribute to the program’s mission. The candidate will also be interested in exploring the contributions of research to society in collaboration with their peers from other CIFAR programs.

Duration: Junior Fellows become members of the Junior Fellow Academy for a period of five years. The first two years are funded by CIFAR as below. For the last three years of the Junior Fellowship, CIFAR covers the cost to attend Academy meetings.

Value: $70,000 CDN per year for salary and benefits, plus $5,000 CDN per year for research support.

How to Apply: Applications will be submitted through an online application system. Visit for information about the Junior Fellow Academy, application requirements and instructions.

Application deadline: January 21, 2013.