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Experimental PhD and Postdoc positions - Ultracold atoms in non-standard optical lattices

position expired
ICFO, Barcelona - Group of Leticia Tarruell
We have open PhD and postdoc positions in the new experimental quantum gases group at ICFO. The group's research will focus on simulating condensed-matter physics problems using degenerate Bose and Fermi gases in non-standard optical lattices. Specific topics of interest include graphene and topological phases, quantum phase transitions in magnetic systems and multi-orbital models. The project involves the construction of a new experimental apparatus for the production of degenerate potassium gases, the development of new optical lattices and the implementation of local manipulation and detection tools. We are looking for candidates with a good background in both AMO and condensed-matter physics. In the case of postdoc applications, a PhD in the field of ultracold atoms/ions or quantum optics is required. To apply, please send your CV and the name of two people who could provide letters of recommendation to Leticia Tarruell: