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Experimental PhD and postdoc positions - Dressing atoms for quantum control

position expired
Univ. of Amsterdam - Quantum Gases and Quantum Information

The aim in this experimental project is to induce quantum correlations and entanglement in a gas of ultracold rubidium atoms. For this we need to orchestrate strong and controlled interaction among the atoms in their ground state. We aim to explore a promising novel technique that dresses the ground state atoms by a small admixture of Rydberg character. Dressing transfers some of the large interaction strength of Rydberg atoms to the ground state atoms. At the same time detrimental effects due to finite lifetimes are kept under control.

The experiments will be performed in an existing setup based on an atom chip designed to produce extremely elongated Bose-Einstein condensates. Rydberg atoms can be excited either directly from the elongated cloud, or after first applying a one-dimensional optical lattice.

We look for enthusiastic candidates who work well in a team and who can operate a complex experimental setup involving multiple lasers, optics, electronics, computer control and ultrahigh vacuum. The team working on this project will collaborate closely with that on another experiment in the group, on two-dimensional magnetic lattices on a chip.

The projects build on the existing atom-chip and Rydberg physics expertise in the group of dr. R. Spreeuw, dr. N.J. van Druten, and prof. H.B. van Linden van den Heuvell. We are part of the Institute of Physics located in the modern facilities at Amsterdam Science Park. Nanofabrication facilities for the atom chips are available both locally and on the national level. Our group is a partner in the European network (ITN) COHERENCE, fostering strong collaboration among the partner (Rydberg) groups.

For more details: postdoc or PhD.