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Young Atom Opticians Conference

The YAO (Young Atom Opticians) conference is a European meeting held every year for young researchers, i.e. Ph.D. students and Postdocs, in the field of Quantum Optics. The aim of this conference is to give young researchers the possibility to present and discuss recent research results, as well as to get in touch with people from other research groups. Thus this event intensifies links between researchers within Europe. The first YAO conference was organized in Innsbruck (Austria, 1995). From there on, the honour of organizing a YAO conference was given to Oxford (UK, 1996), Parco dell'Orecchiella (Italy, 1997), Gif-sur-Yvette (France, 1998), Potsdam (Germany, 1999), Brighton (UK, 2000), Stuttgart (Germany, 2001), Volterra (Italy, 2002), Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 2003) and back to Innsbruck (Austria, 2004) whereafter Hannover (Germany, 2005) and the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau (France, 2006).