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YAO: Young Atom Opticians Conference 2010

The YAO conference, first held in Innsbruck in 1995, is a yearly event aiming to create a community of young researchers in the field of quantum optics, with a focus on cold atoms. Since 1995, YAO has been organised at a different research institute in Europe each year, by the students of the host research group. In 2010 the conference will be organised by the Quantum Gases & Quantum Information group of the van der Waals-Zeeman Institute (WZI) at the University of Amsterdam.

The YAO conference is open to all young researchers working in quantum and atom optics, including both experimentalists and theorists. The participants will be mainly PhD students, but young postdocs new to the field and Master/Diploma students starting in the field are welcome as well. All participants are invited to contribute to the conference by presenting their work in either a talk or a poster. Two renowned speakers will be invited to give opening and closing presentations.

Please see the rest of this website for further details. Registration will open on November 1, 2009 and the application deadline is January 8, 2010. If you have any questions after reading the website, please do not hesitate to contact the organising committee.