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Workshop on Quantum Simulations with Ultracold Atoms

The goal of the Workshop is to provide an overview of the recent progresses in the growing field of quantum simulations with ultracold atoms. For their extreme versatility, cold atom setups prove to be the ideal tool for simulating strongly interacting quantum systems. The Workshop focuses on this promising interdisciplinary area: in addition to enlighten the current status of art, it will be the occasion for scientists of different background to discuss the most interesting new perspectives in this field. The main topics of the Workshop concern with the ultracold atom simulation of the following systems:

. interacting models on lattices - Hubbard models
. spin Hamiltonians
. dipolar interactions
. synthetic fields and spin-orbit couplings
. low dimensional systems
. relativistic and field theories
. disordered systems



- I. BLOCH (Max-Planck-Institut fur Quantenoptik& LMU, Germany)

- M. INGUSCIO (LENS& University of Florence, Italy)






Scientists and students from all countries which are members of the United Nations, UNESCO or IAEA may attend the School. As it will be conducted in English, participants should have an adequate working knowledge of that language. Although the main purpose of the Centre is to help research workers from developing countries, a limited number of students and post-doctoral scientists from developed countries are also welcome to attend. As a rule, travel and subsistence expenses of the participants should be borne by the home institution. However, limited funds are available for some participants who are nationals of, and working in, a developing country. Such support is available only for those who attend the entire activity. There is no registration fee.

The Workshop will follow the two-weeks ICTP School on "Many-Body Physics of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Molecules", which will be held at ICTP from 2 to 13 July 2012. People interested to attend both activities, and in particular partecipants eligible for fundings, are requested to inform the secretariat, writing by email to and



The application form can be accessed at the activity website:

The closing date for receipt of requests of participation requesting funding and VISA support is 15 MARCH 2012, other applications may be done by 1 MAY 2012.

Secretariat SMR 2350: (Ms. P. Wardell)
phone: +39-040-2240-576; fax: +39-040-2240-585
Workshop web page:
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