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This event is a residential school for young researchers (Pre doctoral, or early post doc) working in the areas of cold atoms, collective phenomena and quantum optics. The Winterschool venue is the Haus der Bayerischen Landwirtschaft Herrsching am Ammersee near Munich.

This school aims to expose young researchers to the experimental and theoretical world of modern light-matter interaction, with an emphasis on collective effects, structured light, and quantum matter. Leading experts from around the world will provide lectures with a balanced mixture of introductory and current research topics. Additional talks will be given from speakers who have developed careers within industry. The best poster abstracts will be selected to give oral presentations.

Confirmed speakers and topics:

  • Andrew Forbes (University of Witwatersrand and Johannesberg): Manipulating Structured Light
  • Tilmann Esslinger (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Zürich): Building quantum systems from scratch: supersolids and more
  • Susanne Yelin (University of Connecticut, Harvard University): Collective Scattering
  • Francesco Piazza (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Dresden): Correlated light-atom interactions
  • Peter Barker (University College London): Levitated Optomechanics and cooling to the quantum limit

Career speakers:

  • Andreas Aumann (BMW): From a PHD in AMO physics to a career in automotive management
  • Juergen Stuhler (Toptica Photonics): Careers in industrial laser development and quantum technologies

For further information please see the website of the school.

If have any questions on the event, please contact the school.

Spontaneous Magnetization Phase in cold atoms with diffractive optical coupling