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Victorian Summer School in Ultracold Physics (VSSUP 2014)

The third Victorian Summer School in Ultracold Atomic Physics will be held in Melbourne, Australia over a two week period during the (Southern hemisphere) summer break (January 20th – January 31st). The School will incorporate approximately 6 lectures per day on current topics in ultracold physics presented by leaders in the field, leaving room for additional tutorials and discussions. The primary target for this school will be graduate students, although other researchers starting out in this field will also likely find the programme useful. Special Theme for 2014: Quantum physics of low-dimensional systems. VSSUP 2014 will include lectures and tutorials on the following topics: • The theory of Bose-Einstein condensation • Atom interferometry and precision measurement • Strongly interacting Fermi gases and Bragg scattering • BECs in optical and magnetic lattices • Topological insulators, graphene and 2D condensed matter • Trapped ions, Schrodinger cat states and their applications • Polaritons, excitons, spintronics and high temperature BEC • Spin-orbit coupling, topological superfluids, Majorana fermions • BEC and nano mechanics: implications for quantum causality Check back often as the full schedule will be available soon.