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Towards Dipolar Physics with Ultracold Molecules

This workshop will bring together leading few-body and many-body theorists alongside experimentalists from the dipolar quantum gas community in order to address the key challenges facing the field of ultracold molecules. Topics will include: molecular collisions, quantum state control, quantum simulation with dipolar gases, quantum gas microscopy, laser cooling of molecules, and molecular assembly.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Waseem Bakr, Princeton / Hans Peter Büchler, Stuttgart / Olivier Dulieu, Orsay / Kaden Hazzard, Rice / John Hood, Harvard / Paul Julienne, JQI / Stefan Kuhr, Strathclyde / Xinyu Luo, LMU / Daniel McCarron, UConn / Silke Ospelkaus, Hannover / Isabel Rabey, MPQ / Florian Schreck, UvA / Dajun Wang, CUHK / Bo Zhao, USTC

In addition, we seek abstracts for consideration as contributed talks and/or poster presentations.

Further information on the event as well as registration details can be found on our website. Queries should be directed to:


Simon Cornish, Jeremy Hutson

Alex Guttridge, Kali Wilson, Sarah Bromley, Phil Gregory, Ana Rakonjac, Matthew Frye