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Topological Materials: New Physics and Gateway to New Critical Technologies

ITAP main-page: Deadline for applications: 14/June/2013 Application forms: Description: This international summer school and workshop will start with a detailed overview of the topological aspects of the energy bands in condensed matter and solid state physics. In the first half, two and three dimensional topological insulators and their applications to device physics and technology such as topological FETs, topological quantum capacitors, topological quantum wires will be covered. The second half is devoted to the overview as well as the developments in topological superconductors, topological excitonic condensates and Majorana physics. Funding and Scholarships: According to the bilateral agreements of ITAP, participants from China, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Georgia and Bulgaria are eligible for complete support covering the local expenses. For the local expenses of the other international participants please visit No travel support can be provided for national as well as international participants.