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Summer School on Direct Quantum Simulation of Condensed Matter Physics with cold atoms and molecules

Organisers: Profs. Christopher Foot and Ian Walmsley (Oxford), Mark Fromhold (Nottingham) and Mike Gunn (Birmingham).
Dieter Jaksch, Oxford - Theory of cold atoms in optical lattices
Michael Köhl, Cambridge – Experiments on fermions in optical lattices
Simon Fölling, Harvard (formerly at Mainz) – Experiments with atoms in optical lattices
Jean Dalibard, ENS, Paris – Studying 2D physics with cold atoms
Andrew Daley, Innsbruck – Study of 1D dynamics, and theory of atoms in optical lattices
Leonardo Fallani, Florence – Ultracold bosons in disordered potentials
Chris Hooley, St Andrews – Cold atoms in optical lattices from a CMP perspective
Mark Fromhold, Nottingham – Quantum reflection of cold atoms from surfaces
Peter Krueger, Nottingham – Atom chips
Mike Gunn, Birmingham – FQHE
Christopher Foot, Oxford – Rotating optical lattices

Scientific Objective:
The quantum systems of ultra-cold atoms, in particular atoms in optical lattices, have strong similarities to the strongly correlated many-body systems that are central to Condensed Matter Physics. This close connection has stimulated great interest because we can use optical-lattice experiments to study the behaviour of many-body quantum systems under very controlled conditions and hence gain a deeper understanding of the physics in ways that are not otherwise possible.
The summer school will introduce students to the progress that has been made towards this goal in experiments and give them a good grounding in the underlying theory. There will be problems classes on work set by lecturers and plenty of opportunities for discussion. Students can present work at poster sessions, if desired, although it is expected that a significant number of participants will be at a very early stage in their research career.

Accommodation: St Anne’s College, Oxford, close to the Physics Dept.

Cost of per student (full board Sunday pm to Saturday am): 660 Euro or 480 GBP.
Note however that bursaries to cover half the costs, or more in some cases, should be available for the majority of students.** Students are expected to make their own travel arrangements.
Applications received before May 16th, 2008 will be given highest priority for places and bursaries.