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Strong Correlations in Ultra-Cold Fermi Systems

New and important developments in condensed matter physics have appeared with the realization of strongly correlated states in ultra-cold atoms. It is now possible to engineer strongly correlated Fermion states in optical lattices, and in standard atom traps that mimic many properties of conventional condensed matter systems. The added advantage of optical lattices and standard atom traps is that many new quantum phases may be accessible through the fine-tuning of external control parameters (magnetic field, lattice potential depths, atom density). In this workshop we intend to bring experts on strongly correlated systems from condensed matter physics and atomic and molecular physics to exchange ideas in this interface area between the two fields. Given the steady growth of the field, the timing of this workshop is excellent, and it is likely to attract the major contributors (experimentalists and theorists alike) to this thriving area of research.

NOVEMBER 30th, 2005