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Solitons and nonlinear phenomena in degenerate quantum gases

This conference aims to bridge the areas of solitons and nonlinear dynamics with the field of degenerate quantum gases, concentrating on Bose-Einstein condensates and degenerate Fermi gases. Our aim is to bring together experts on BEC and Fermi gases with experts on soliton theory and nonlinear phenomen and applied mathematicians, many of which have already contributed to the field of degenerate quantum gases. Thus, we would like to stimulate the interaction between three different communities: experimentalists working with degenerate quantum gases, theoreticians and experts on nonlinear phenomena (usually mathematical physicists and mathematicians). The main goals of the conference are to stimulate mutual knowledge, and to identify and address new problems.

Specific topics include but are not restricted to: solitons and nonlinear waves in BECs and Fermi gases, collapse phenomena, chaos and complex dynamics, shock waves, excited states, Boson-fermion mixtures, stabilized structures, nonlinear dynamics in spinor BECs, interaction of nonlinear waves with defects, the role of disorder and random potentials, finite temperature solitons, pattern formation and applicability to BEC, scattering particles from solitons, nonlinear phenomena in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates, chaos in degenerate quantum gases, Josephson effects with Bose-Einstein condensates, nonlinear dynamics in Bose-Hubbard models, quantum fluids and their connection with quantum gases, etc ...