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Ruperto Carola Symposion on Ultracold Quantum Gases

The aim of this workshop is to bring together scientists working in different areas of theoretical physics, applying modern quantum field theoretical methods to describe phenomena observed in experiments with ultracold and degenerate atomic quantum gases. The main goal is to advance the development of a common language which allows scientists from different fields, in particular, from condensed matter theory, high-energy many-body theory, and quantum optics, to understand each other and to draw from progress made in the respective other fields.

A topical focus is set on new powerful methods in Quantum Field Theory, in particular functional techniques such as Dyson-Schwinger equations, functional renormalization group techniques, and nPI effective actions. Their application to the description of strongly correlated quantum gases, in particular of non-equilibrium dynamics, of the BEC-BCS crossover, and of quantum gases in optical lattices, will stand in the foreground.

Venue: International Science Forum of the University of Heidelberg (IWH)

Organizing Committee: Thomas Gasenzer, Holger Gies (Heidelberg)