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Quantum Optics (EPE118)

This conference will be devoted to the recent scientific advances at the interface between photonics and quantum physics. During the last decades, the studies of fundamental issues in quantum mechanics exploded from their originally confidential circle of specialists and became a major field of research that covers a large range of sub-disciplines, from nanotechnologies to quantum optics, including Bose-Einstein condensates, technologies for engineering quantum states and manipulating single atoms and ions, as well as quantum dots, etc. Although those researches are clearly foundationally oriented, they fit closely to experiments and already found amazingly successful applications in top-level metrology (spectroscopy, atomic clocks, measure of fundamental constants and so on).

The conference will bring a great opportunity to listen to some of the world renowned experts in these interconnected disciplines, as well as to discover new trends that result from the convergence of these fields. It will offer an updated review of recent activities both in theoretical and experimental research. The conference programme will consist of oral and poster presentations on the following topics that include, but are not limited to:

  • nonclassical field states
  • quantum entanglement
  • quantum states engineering and reconstruction
  • single-photon sources
  • neutron, atom, and molecular quantum optics
  • quantum memory for light, quantum interfaces, slow light, EIT
  • cavity quantum electrodynamics
  • quantum communication and information processing
  • cold atom ensembles and Bose-Einstein condensates in atomic gases and solid-state systems.