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Quantum Mixtures with Ultra-cold Atoms

We are pleased to announce the International School "Quantum Mixtures with Ultra-cold Atoms" that will take place from July 18th to July 23rd 2022 in Varenna, Italy. This will be the 211th Course of the prestigious International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi". The school will take place in the gorgeous environment of Villa Monastero in Varenna, on the shore of Lake Como, less than 100km north of Milano.

According to the tradition of the "Enrico Fermi" school, the event is mainly addressed to young researchers at the doctoral and post-doctoral level. Even though the deadline for applications is set on May 6th, candidates are warmly encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as for comparable CVs preference will be given to early applicants.

The topics that will be covered by the lectures include:

  • Bose-Bose, Bose-Fermi and Fermi-Fermi mixtures
  • Solitons and vortices in quantum mixtures
  • Bose and Fermi polarons (quantum impurities)
  • Liquid phase and quantum droplets with ultracold atoms
  • Quantum mixtures in low dimensions
  • Coherently-coupled quantum gases
  • Few-body physics
  • Quantum simulations of gauge theories
  • Hybrid quantum mixtures (atoms and ions)
  • Mixtures for quantum technologies

Confirmed Lecturers:

  • Jean Dalibard - Collège de France and LKB, Paris (France)
  • Leonardo Fallani - LENS, Sesto Fiorentino (Italy)
  • Rene Gerritsma - Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute, Amsterdam University (The Netherlands)
  • Rudolf Grimm - University of Innsbruck and IQOQI, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Giacomo Lamporesi - INO-CNR, BEC Center and Università di Trento (Italy)
  • Markus Oberthaler - Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Meera Parish - Monash University, Clayton (Australia)
  • Dmitry Petrov - LPTMS, Université Paris Sud, Orsay (France)
  • Christophe Salomon - LKB, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (France)
  • Luis Santos - Institute for Theoretical Physics, Hannover (Germany)
  • Päivi Törmä - Aalto University (Finland)
  • Masahito Ueda - University of Tokyo (Japan)


  • Rudolf Grimm
  • Massimo Inguscio
  • Sandro Stringari