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Sept. 4, 2019

Quantum Menorca 2019: Dynamics and interactions in quantum gases

This workshop aims at bringing together experts and younger researchers on ultracold atoms, to discuss very recent developments in the context of:
- Weakly interacting BECs (sound, vortices, droplets)
- Strong interactions (unitary Fermi gases, Bose and Fermi polarons, integrable systems)
- Interaction quenches, Lieb-Robinson bounds, many-body localization
- Rydberg & long-range interactions
- Topological phases

The Workshop will take place at the Institut Menorquí d’Estudis in Maó, the capital city of Menorca, an island located at a stone’s throw from Barcelona (~40mins direct flight, operated multiple times a day), and home to stunningly beautiful nature.

Invited speakers:
- Daniel Barredo (Institut d’Optique – Paris)
- Alejandro Bermudez (UCM – Madrid)
- Jérôme Beugnon (LKB – Paris)
- Jordi Boronat (UPC – Barcelona)
- Georg Bruun (Aarhus)
- Lauriane Chomaz (IQOQI – Innsbruck)
- Peter Engels (Washington State U.)
- Marco Fattori (LENS – Florence)
- Alexander Fetter (Stanford)
- Selim Jochim (Heidelberg)
- Julian Léonard (Harvard)
- Jesper Levinsen (Monash – Melbourne)
- Francesca Marchetti (UAM – Madrid)
- Michele Modugno (Bilbao)
- Maxim Olshanii (UMass – Boston)
- Anatoli Polkovnikov (Boston U.)
- Matteo Rizzi (Cologne)
- Laurent Sanchez-Palencia (École Polytechnique – Paris)
- Chris Vale (Swinburne – Victoria)

-Grigori Astrakharchik (UPC)
-Pietro Massignan (UPC & ICFO)
-Luca Tagliacozzo (UB)
-Leticia Tarruell (ICFO)

Deadline for application: May 15th, 2019