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Quantum Control Of Light And Matter, Gordon Research Conference

Quantum control is the application of controlled coherent interactions to direct the dynamics of quantum systems. Usually this involves the use of coherent laser radiation to reach a desired target state of the system. The idea that coherence can be used as a tool for control on the quantum scale has origins in chemical dynamics, nonlinear optics, and laser spectroscopy, but the impact is now being felt in many areas of physics and chemistry.

The field demonstrates an excellent interplay of theory and experiment, bringing together principles of quantum mechanics such as interfering pathways, wave packet dynamics, entanglement and measurement, with methods of optimization drawn from applied mathematics and engineering, and new experimental technologies such as femtosecond pulse shaping and single atom manipulation. Areas of study include:

  • atomic, molecular and optical physics (including Bose-Einstein condensation, non-linear optics and microscopy, and ultrashort pulses)
  • gas and liquid phase chemical dynamics
  • solid state and semiconductor physics
  • surface science
  • quantum information

The conference program will emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the field. However, the strongest emphasis will be on Atomic, Molecular and Optical systems, where new control concepts and methods can be tested most easily.