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QuAMP 2007 - An international conference on Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics.

Topics to be covered include:
  • Attosecond lasers, high harmonic generation, laser plasmas
  • Collision physics and low temperature plasmas
  • Spectroscopy and dynamics with synchrotron, FEL, THz and IR sources
  • Coherent control of atoms, molecules and light
  • Quantum metrology, atom optics and optical lattices
  • The AMO/condensed matter interface: Metamaterials, BEC, vortices, etc.
  • Quantum information, single atoms and photons, atom chips, ion chips
  • Ultracold molecules, few-body quantum systems, cavity cooling
Invited Speakers
  • Jerry Gabrielse (Harvard)
  • Rudi Grimm (Innsbruck)
  • Serge Haroche (Paris)
  • Massimo Inguscio (Florence)
  • Ferenc Krausz (MPQ)
  • John Pendry (Imperial)
  • Oswald Willi (Dusseldorf)
  • Yoshi Yamamoto (Stanford)