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New magnetic field frontiers in atomic/molecular and solid-state physics

Scope of the Workshop

The workshop aims to stimulate an exchange of expertise and new vision between researchers operating within two different areas : generation/application of very high magnetic fields, mainly in solid state physics, and frontier research in atomic and molecular physicists based on the application of large magnetic fields. Special care will be devoted to discuss the impact of high magnetic field facilities on both research areas. The measurements of magnetic fields, both on the high and very low ranges, will be presented. The present effort of quantum simulation by the ultracold atomic physicists opens to to the experimenter several condensed matter analogues, as quantum magnetism, magnetic quantum phases (also in restricted dimensions), quantum spin glasses, exotic spin-polarized superfluids, FFLO phase, and so on. The Meeting will represent a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on those scientific crossing topics. The new frontiers accessible under the application of application of very large magnetic fields will be explored by a joint effort. Special attention will be reserved to the generation of synthetic magnetic fields for ultracold atoms in optical lattices. The rich physics arising when condensed matter is placed into magnetic fields is still accessible in optical lattices if one is able to mimic the effect of a magnetic field by other means. Recent experimental effort has demonstrated that a magnetic-field equivalent phase may be imprinted on the atomic quantum-mechanical wavefunction. The Workshop will be organized with several invited one-hour talk and a majority of contributed talks. These contributions will be supplemented by a poster session allowing open discussions. In addition to the invited speakers (about 1/3 of the audience), this Workshop is aimed also to young scientists and PhD students involved in these frontier research areas.

Organizing committee

The organizing committee is made of E. Arimondo (Pisa, Italy), D. Guéry-Odelin, (Toulouse, France), C. Rizzo (Toulouse, France).

List of invited speakers

I. Bloch (München, Germany), D. Budker (Berkeley, CA, USA), O. Dulieu (LAC, Orsay, France), T. Esslinger (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland), R. Hulet (Rice University, Houston, TX, USA), M.H. Julien (LNCMI, Grenoble, France), N. Laflorencie (LPT, CNRS, Toulouse), H.-C. Nagerl (Innsbruck, Austria), C. Proust (LNCMI, Toulouse, France), M. Raizen (Austin, TX, USA) ,K. Sengstock (Hamburg, Gemany) , I. Spielman (NIST, Gaithersburg MD, USA), D. Stamper-Kurn (Berkeley, CA, USA), M.W. Zwierlein (MIT, MA, USA), J. Dalibard (College de France, Paris, France),L. S. Cederbaum (Heidelberg, Germany ), R. Combescot (ENS, Paris, France), E. Demler (Harvard, MA, USA), A. Georges (College de France, Paris, France), G. Rikken (LNCMI, Toulouse, France)

Session organization

This Workshop will provide fundamental insights into the new concepts and experimental realizations of generation of large magnetic fields ; magnetic field facilities and related physics ; synthetic magnetic fields for ultracold matter, magnetic fields measurements and metrology ; new physics/chemistry at very high magnetic fields ; magnetic field manipulation of atomic/molecular quantum matter ; quantum magnetism ; magnetic quantum phases in different dimensions ; magnon Bose-Einstein condensation ; quantum spin glasses ; exotic spin-polarized superfluids and FFLO phase.

Practical Informations

The workshop will take place at École de Physique in Les Houches in French Alps. The accommodation is available for about 70 participants. The conference fee is expected to be 600 Euros, which includes accommodation and meals. We will be open for registrations from 1st October 2012. The deadline for applications is the 28th of february.

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