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NCTS Annual Meeting 2016: Quantum Simulations and Numerical Studies on Many-Body Physics

Since Richard Feynman's proposal in 1982, quantum simulators have been realized on a number of experimental platforms, including systems of ultracold quantum gases, trapped ions, photonic systems and superconducting circuits etc. Systems of ultracold atoms attract extensively attention in recent decades because of the great flexibility of experimental parameters for observing the ground state as well as the dynamical properties of a many-body system. The main purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity for world renowned physicists in experimental, theoretical, and numerical aspects to interact extensively in related problems, and to present their latest research results with the physicists especially young researchers in Taiwan. This conference will be also a part of the 2016 Annual Meeting of NCTS in Condensed Matter Physics. Coordinators: Miguel Cazalilla (NCTS/NTHU) Pochung Chen (NTHU) Gediminas Juzeliunas (Vilnius University) Ying-Jer Kao (NTU) Daw-Wei Wang (NCTS/NTHU) Note: Registration fee will be fully supported by National Center for Theoretical Sciences up to maximum 120 people. Local expense for international participants (non-speakers) may be supported partially. Applicants should send the financial support request to Prof. Daw-Wei Wang ( before Nov. 1st for any further consideration.