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Long-Range Interactions Workshop 2022

Following the now six-year tradition of a Workshop on “Long-range interactions in quantum systems”, we are organizing the 7th international workshop on the same topic in September 2022 in Innsbruck. Previous workshops were held in Stuttgart, Germany 2013, Palaiseau, France 2014, Naples, Italy 2016, Bad Honnef Germany 2017, Hannover Germany 2018, Gif-sur Yvette France 2019. This year the workshop will focus on dipolar interactions in few and many-body quantum systems enriched by a discussion of a wider range of long-range interactions.

The workshop will take place in Innsbruck starting Tuesday evening the 6th of September ending Friday the 9th September 2022 around noon.

It is organized by Antoine Browaeys, Francesca Ferlaino and Robert Löw with administrative support from Silvia Bonazza.

Confirmed Speakers

  • H. Bernien University of Chicago, USA
  • C. Chen University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
  • S. Cornish Durham University, UK
  • I. Ferrier-Barbut CNRS, FR
  • T. Langen University of Stuttgart, DE
  • J-R Li University of Colorado Boulder, USA
  • S. Nascimbène Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, FR
  • S. Ospelkaus University of Hannover, DE
  • G. Pagano Rice University, USA
  • T. Pfau University of Stuttgart, DE
  • C. Politi Austrian Academy of Science-IQOQI, AT
  • H. Ritsch University of Innsbruck, AT
  • C. Roos University of Innsbruck, AT
  • P. Schneeweiss Humboldt University, DE
  • J. Thomson University of Colorado Boulder, USA
  • University of Colorado Boulder, USA
  • A. Young University of Colorado Boulder, USA
  • M. Weidemüller University of Heidelberg, DE
  • T. Zache Austrian Academy of Science-IQOQI, AT