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ICAP 2012: 23rd International Conference on Atomic Physics

The 23rd International Conference on Atomic Physics will be held in the Ecole polytechnique, a high level graduate school close to Paris. Following the tradition of ICAP, the conference will present an outstanding programme of invited speakers covering the most recent subjects in the field of atomic physics, such as

  • Fundamental atomic tests and measurements,
  • Precision measurements, including atomic clocks and atom interferometers,
  • Ultracold gases and Bose Einstein condensates,
  • Ultracold Fermi gases,
  • Atoms and molecules in optical lattices,
  • From two-body to many-body systems,
  • Quantum information and simulations with atoms and ions,
  • Quantum optics and cavity QED with atoms,
  • Ultrafast phenomena and free electron lasers,
  • Beyond atomic physics (bio, optomechanics, astro...).