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High energy physics meets low energy phenomena

Throughout the history of quantum field theory there has been a rich cross-pollination between high energy and condensed matter physics. From the theory of renormalization to the consequences of spontaneous symmetry breaking, this interaction has brought tremendous progress in our understanding of natural phenomena. The recent developments in our systematic study of conformal field theories and new phases of matter, the conformal bootstrap, gauge/gravity and other types of dualities, have re-ignite a fervent exchange between high energy and condensed matter theorists which has brought already remarkable progress.

The first Pollica Summer Workshop on Effective Field Theories aims to bring together theorists working on a broad range of ideas and techniques from high to low-energy physics, all working in the beautiful setting of the medieval town of Pollica in Southwestern Italy (Cilento region). The workshop is scheduled for the dates of 20th June to 1st July 2022.

Location: The workshop will take place in Castello dei Principi Capano.

Covid Update: We are carefully monitoring the development of the COVID situation. Currently we are considering a hybrid format where those accepted participants who don't feel safe traveling to South Italy could participate remotely in many of the conference activities, including talks and collective discussion sessions. [NB: information current as of 5 Feb; check conference site for updates]