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Godon research Conference on Quantum Control Of Light & Matter

Quantum control is the application of controlled coherent interactions to direct the dynamics of quantum systems. Usually this involves the use of coherent laser radiation to reach a desired target state of the system. The idea that coherence can be used as a tool for control on the quantum scale has origins in chemical dynamics, nonlinear optics, and laser spectroscopy, but the impact is now being felt in many areas of physics and chemistry.

The objective of the conference is to discuss recent experimental and theoretical results and show perspectives for future development, with special emphasis on the following topics:

  • Principles of coherent control of quantum phenomena in atomic, molecular and condense matter physics
  • Optimal control theory and algorithms
  • Applications to quantum information, laser cooling of atoms and molecules, BEC studies, nanoplasmonics, nonlinear microscopy
  • Relevant femtosecond and attosecond techniques

The conference program will emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the field. However, the strongest emphasis will be on Atomic, Molecular and Optical systems, where new control concepts and methods can be tested most easily.