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"Frontiers in nonequilibrium dynamics of multicomponent systems in the few- to many-body crossover"

The workshop aims at bringing together early career investigators (PhDs and postdocs) to share their recent scientific findings and thereby provides an inspiring framework for bridging the gaps from few- to many-body nonequilibrium quantum multicomponent systems. The topics will range from many-body nonequilibrium dynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates and Fermi seas including mixtures thereof to pure few-body quantum systems. Special emphasis will be given to highly particle imbalanced atomic mixtures which play an important role in the context of impurity physics and serve as a key to the understanding of transport properties, optical response and induced correlations in a plethora of materials. Much space for discussions and an open atmosphere will provide a great opportunity for the participants to have a strong exchange of ideas in order to interlink their works and experimental or theoretical methods.