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FINESS-2013: Finite-Temperature Non-Equilibrium Superfluid Systems

In recent years, finite temperature and out of equilibrium dynamics have become accessible in a controlled way in ultracold quantum gases. This offers new exciting insights into the dynamics of many-body quantum systems, and promises new connections to systems in solid-state and high-energy physics. Following on from successful workshops in Sandbjerg, Denmark (2007), Durham, UK (2009), and Heidelberg, Germany (2011), we will bring together international experts in this area in Queenstown, New Zealand from 16-20 February 2013.
The aim of this workshop is to discuss both established and new questions concerning the dynamics of superfluids and strongly interacting gases at finite temperature and out of thermal equilibrium. We will focus on a range of methods for approaching these questions, discussing progress made with the different methods and comparing them.
We will also discuss specific applications, especially in ultracold atomic gases, as well as exploring connections to related solid state systems and to high energy physics. While we will maintain the character of past workshops in discussing details of the theoretical methods, we intend to invite more participants from experimental research groups than in the past, and to facilitate direct interaction between experimental and theoretical research in out-of-equilibrium systems.

International Steering Committee

Blair Blakie (local organiser) (Department of Physics, University of Otago, NZ)
Andrew Daley (Department of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Matthew Davis (Department of Physics, University of Queensland, Australia)
Matthias Troyer (Institut f. Theoretische Physik, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

International Steering Advisory Committee

Prof. Thomas Gasenzer, Heidelberg University
Prof. Crispin Gardiner, University of Otago
Prof. Tetsuro Nikuni, Tokyo University of Science
Dr. Nick Proukakis, Newcastle University
Prof. Luis Santos, University of Hannover
Prof. Jörg Schmiedmayer, Vienna University of Technology
Prof. Makoto Tsubota, Osaka City University